Saturday, 20 February 2010

My New Kitchen, My New Blog, My New City

I arrived in Córdoba just over a week ago. As a student of French and Spanish, it is an 'integral part of my degree' (or so says my university) to spend this, my third year as a university student in both a French and Spanish-speaking country. The last five months of my life were spent in a hotel in Lyon, France, working as a receptionist. I lived in the hotel, to save time and money finding a flat, and was therefore left WITHOUT a kitchen for those entire five months. As a person who loves to cook this was a stressful situation, but I had friends with kitchens who were all too happy to let me feed them. And, being left without a means to make myself food, I was often left with no choice but to let others make it for me, which in one of the culinary capitals of France was no bad thing.

I am now in Spain with my own brand spankin' new kitchen and three perpetually hungry flatmates who were overjoyed when they heard about my cooking habits. While not necessarily the biggest kitchen in the world, it has all the things that I could need (for the moment) and so I'm hoping cooking in it will be a breeze. My only concern is that everything is new and white; I'm not the tidiest person at the best of times and don't even get me started on how I'm like when I'm cooking– fingers crossed I can keep this place relatively clean for the 5 months that I'll be using it!

My kitchen. Note the dirty mugs in the sink and the empty cava bottles!

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